Rabbit Post Personalized Mail Subscription Service for Children aged 3-18

Write a letter to Thumper
and receive a letter in return*!

Thumper loves corresponding, and he always writes back* when children write to him!

Send your letter to:

Rabbit Post
P.O. Box 5984
Reno, NV 89513

You will receive a reply in 2-3 weeks*!

*Offer valid in USA Only


Who is Thumper?

Thumper is a sweet white & grey rabbit from Reno, Nevada with a spunky personality. He grew up at the Nevada Humane Society, and met a lot of nice children while there!

Thumper and his forever family run the Rabbit Post, where he is the Chief Executive Mascot. Thumper's favorite foods include romaine lettuce, carrot greens, timothy hay and apples!