Rabbit Post Personalized Mail Subscription Service for Children aged 3-18
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What will my child receive from Rabbit Post?

Every child at Rabbit Post receives mail personalized to their Interest Profile! We carefully choose postcards, books, small toys, handmade gifts and flat surprises from talented artists to feed your child's passions. A flat surprise is something that can fit inside of a standard letter-sized envelope: stickers, temporary tattoos, paper crafts, bookmarks, etc.

All letters, notes and postcards are written "in character" from Thumper, our pet rabbit and Chief Executive Mascot.


With your monthly subscription, each month your child will receive a minimum of:

  • one postcard, and
  • one letter, and
  • one padded envelope (minimum 6" x 9") and
  • one box (minimum 7" x 5" x 2")

containing at least

  • one book, and
  • one toy or activity kit, and
  • one flat surprise

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With your flat monthly subscription, each month your child will receive a minimum of:

  • one postcard, and
  • one letter

containing at least

  • one flat surprise

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With your postcard subscription, each year your child will receive:

  • twelve postcards, themed for the holidays/festivals of your choice.

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When will my child receive mail?

A welcome postcard will be sent to your child immediately (1 business day) upon receipt of subscription payment (or, within 1 business day of the date you've chosen for your child's subscription to begin.) All other regular subscription mail is sent on Tuesdays from zip code 89503 and your child's delivery day may vary depending on their distance from Reno, Nevada. Tracking numbers are kept for all padded mailers and boxes sent via USPS, should any delay occur.

How do you choose books for my child?

We are Barefoot Books Ambassadors, and proudly send their award-winning titles when a child's interests include something in their catalog!

Barefoot Books "celebrate art and story that opens the hearts and minds
of children from all walks of life, focusing on themes that encourage independence of spirit, enthusiasm for learning and respect for
the world’s diversity."
Books are also availalable directly for purchase from our Barefoot Books Marketplace.

Barefoot Books

Books for more specialized interests and older children are found at local bookstores in Reno, Nevada. Sending your child something they will enjoy is our #1 priority!

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